How To Repaint Aluminium Window Frames

Repairing Peeling Paint

Rub down the frame with wet abrasive paper and after that clean it tidy with a moist cloth. Lastly, paint on a coat of undercoat and after that a coat of gloss in your selected colour. Brush the frame with chemical paint stripper and get rid of all of the paint.

Aluminium Window Frame Painting

We'll offer your property a modern day appearance and make it stand apart as one of the best on the street, all while raising the value of your property, further aluminium window ideas from Aluminium Windows Swansea (

Using Sightlines In Window Design

The slimmer the sightlines, the less windows hinder on a view.

Recommended Cleaning Procedure For New Aluminium Windows With Gloss Coating

For optimal security and shine, a window specific or automotive/car wax product can be used as soon as a year, however make sure to check on an area of the frame prior to usage. Editor's note, If you want details to help choose a windows and/or door supplier that's right for you, complete the survey listed below and we can provide you with information from a variety of suppliers totally free, Leading idea, Whether you use a spray paint or a brush, you ought to wait a minimum of an hour in between coats, so that appropriate layering can happen.

Can I Paint My Aluminium Windows Myself?

Please keep in mind rusty metals can not be resprayed and to successful respray your frames the aluminium would need to be tidy and devoid of rust.

Using Sightlines In Window Design

The renaissance of industrial style and Crittall style windows had seen a more design led approach to sightlines.